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Travelling towards the Truth, the self seeking the Light. Not the light of the stars nor that of the moon.

Chishti, Amatullah Armstrong [WorldCat Identities]

Greater even than the splendour of the sun. Slowly the self breaks its fetters. The moment of return has arrived. To the Source of All Light. And truly, the sky is not the limit for this yearning bird-flower self! Noordeen, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The Mystical Language of Islam published by A. Noordeen, Kuala LumpurMalaysia. Sufi Views on the Development of the Self and Art. Journeying with the Sabri Brothers. To be published by Mizan PublishingIndonesia. To be published in by Semerkand Yayinlari, Istanbul.

Travelled to Japan and Russia and through England and France. Lived in Paris and then the village of Morigny-Champignyduring which period started serious quest for truth and true direction of life. Turned to personal study of comparative religion and philosophy. In search of truth made km bicycle journey from Paristhrough FranceCorsica and Sardinia to Tunisia in North Africawhere the initial contact with Islam took place.

Returned to Australia and pursued intense quest for knowledge through the Teachings of Islam and the Inner Teachings of Tasawwuf. Lived in Somerset in English countryside whilst yearning for more knowledge of reality. Travelled by bicycle to Spain. Travelled through the Algerian Sahara Desert where the decisive spiritual encounter occurred and Islam became permanently established within my heart.

In Quest of My Oasis | Sohbet with Amatullah J. Armstrong | Technology of the Heart

Returned to Australia and subsequently embraced Islam, in the isolation and solitude of a small seaside town at the extreme southern tip of Tasmania. Engaged in studying, comprehending and implementing the Teachings of Islam. Increasingly attracted to and influenced by the spiritual doctrine and practices of the great Sufi Saints. Intensification of influence of Tasawwuf upon all aspects of life, with zikr becoming increasingly important.


Initiated into first Sufi Tariqa, a branch of the Shadhiliyya Silsilah. First visit to Pakistan. After a brief visit to Australia returned to Pakistan for an extended period of research and direct experience of the lives of the great Awliya of Allah and their Mazars in India and Pakistan. Both tours included programmes in Bombay and Delhi.

Invited by the descendants of Soofie Saheb RA for lectures, discussions and workshops on Sufism at Sufi Centres and Sufi Circles, mosques, schools and private gatherings. Travel through India with Sabri Brothers: Sponsored by British Law Council.

The first qawwali concerts to be staged in Poland. The night was a charity fundraising programme for the victims of the devastating earthquake in northern Pakistan.

To be published in by Mizan PublishingQrmstrong. The first qawwali concerts to be presented in Indonesia. Tracing a Western woman’s search for the truth, from childhood in Australiathrough many countries and amaatullah many paths until her encounter with and embracing of Islam, and subsequent initiation into Sufi Tariqa.

Elaborates upon the struggles and difficulties she faced and also the many spiritual sweetnesses she experienced. Published in Kuala Lumpur by A. Published in Pakistan by Ferozsons. Translated into Russian and Bengali. Published in South Africa by Iqra Agencies.

Translated into Indonesian and published by Mizan Publishing. To be translated into Turkish and published by Semerkand Yayinlari, Istanbul. A Traditional Story for Our Time. The Timeless Tradition from which this story grows was chosen because of its profound relevance to the people of our time. Its meaning holds great significance for all of us right amatuolah and right now.

Amatullah Armstrong

Within this book are indications as to how we can prepare ourselves to live in the 21 st Century in a manner that will bring benefit, not only to ourselves, but also to all of the ailing humanity. Published privately in Australia.

Published in Pakistan by Paramount Publishing Enterprise. Autobiographical account of one Western woman’s spiritual struggles and experiences within a Sufi Tariqa.

A unique approach is taken by using personal letters to the Spiritual Master with accompanying notes and commentaries.


Awaiting translation and publication by Mizan PublishingIndonesia. The Mystical Language of Islam. Comprehensive dictionary of key Sufi terms. This book is a set of keys, any one of which may be the vital key to open the doors to one’s own self, the doors to Divine Knowledge, the doors to the Divinity. An indispensable volume for the spiritual traveller. Translated and published in Indonesia by Mizan Publishing. Translated into Italian and Polish.

The thesis examines the profound relevance that the Sufi Doctrine and Practices have for men and women, particularly artists, who are genuinely seeking Knowledge of the Absolute in the post-modern era. In order to act as a receptacle through which the Divine Light may pour forth into the realm of manifestation one must have a purified heart.

Chishti, Amatullah Armstrong

In order to convey to others the beauty of unconditional Love of the Absolute one must possess such Love oneself. It has never been my intention to write their life story.

And this is not a book about music either. So vast is the ocean of classical Indian music, I dare not venture past its shoreline. This is simply a story about being with the Sabri Brothers and being engulfed by their music.

It is about the unfolding of a dream and the journey that took me from the midst of an Australian bushland paradise to the rapture of devotion at the Shrines of the Sufi Saints in Pakistan and India. Every person has a story and every person is a story. This is just one story amongst millions. The life stories and spiritual journeys of three Pakistani Sufis: Within this book are indications as to how we can prepare ourselves to live in the 21st Century in a manner that will bring benefit, not only to ourselves, but also to all of the ailing humanity.

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