And there’s Sharon Shinn’s Samaria series, which begins with Archangel (). David Weber’s Off Armageddon Reef () is clearly doing. Award-winning author Sharon Shinn delivers a strong novel in Archangel, the first in her unusual Samaria series, where Biblical mythology exists side by side. Every twenty years, a new Archangel is chosen to govern the land of Samaria. The new Archangel is introduced during a great musical chorale to honor the god .

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Enough people like this that she’s written at least 5 books in this series, so maybe it’s just me. Initially they hate each other, and through a series of misunderstandings they fall apart before in the end finally coming together and realizing that they love each other mainly, the male noble needs to swallow his pride and beg and plead a bit before the stubborn girl relents, but only because he really has a good heart.

Gabriel too is multi-dimensional, having grown up to assume the task of Archangel, and his growth under Rachel’s influence is slow-burning and moving. So, what went wrong? This wasn’t in any way a “steamy” romance novel.

I’ve been meaning to read this one forevvvvver. Believe me, it really isn’t. There is a conflict involved, and a power play between both other angels and powerful humans, which ties into the interesting part, which unfortunately is spoiled right there in the blurb on arxhangel back of the book.

Desert Isle Keeper

Is it awful to love what is not yours? Arhangel The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. I can’t overlook how stubborn the heroine is. But the characters themselves were so abrasive they were difficult to connect with. This world of angels, humans and oracles drew me in totally. And she is devoted to the poor and outcast and to making a difference in Samaria. All Kate wants is to be a Orphaned at seven when her farming village is destroyed, she was adopted by an Edori clan, a race of nomads who believe differently from everyone else, and so are not considered human.


I rather have knowledge and context and truth, thanks much. You can read this review and more on my blog, Ivy Book Bindings.

ARCHANGEL by Sharon Shinn | Kirkus Reviews

Well the plot maker is annoying! All angels are born gifted with incredible musical ability and they pray by singing. I didn’t really like how the ending was handled, as Shinnn attitude made me want to shake her. Mystic and Rider Twelve Houses Series: If you were a timid man, she would make you strong.

Samaria comes through entirely convincing, even if in a fantastical way, as it is utmost human.

We have a villain in Archangel and while I was satisfied with the manner in which that particular plot wrapped up, I don’t know if I can say the same about Rachel and Gabriel’s romance. View all 4 comments. I am so excited to read more.

Archangel by Sharon Shinn | : Books

What’s more interesting is the setting; the girl is an orphaned slave girl from a nomadic tribe while the guy is an angel lord named Gabriel, soon to become Archangel of the world Samaria, and their love has been ordained by the god, Jovah. He will become Archangel at a ceremony called the Gloria, in which he and his wife must sing. Where should be start searching for her now? God somebody smack her in the face with an iron bat!

I understand that this is a fantasy novel probably oriented toward women who also want to read a romance, so I expected the ridiculously attractive, singing angels archanvel opposite, but with a similar appeal to many as vampires probably and hook-ups.


I simply don’t wrestle with religion at all. Arcuangel said the religious references are overt, but Archangel is not religious fiction. That said the religio Fabulous book!

It did have that god-chosen element that you see a lot it’s often called the “mate bond” in paranormal romance involving shape-shifterswhere the hero and heroine are meant to be from the start and no one else will do.


I wouldn’t feel grateful or romantically inclined either. There was even a mention of a good character a potential romantic interest preventing his teenage sisters from displaying their bodies to passing travelers. Thirdly, the world building is so enjoyable. The Never Pages is a very odd book to behold — shin no blurb on the back, no author announced on the front and it actually looks like an old journal.

She admited often that she did thinks purely to be contrary and after awhile that gets archange. Sharon Shinn successfully takes familiar threads in the fantasy and romance genres and spins them into something quite original.

Diverse societies held together by the prospect of swift punishment. She has no love for anyone and most especially not for the angels.

And I really liked how it addresses issues of belief and faith. Samaria is a fantasy nation that Shinn has richly imagined, and her world-building is artfully crafted. In a world ruled by angels who can call upon the awesome powers of their god to bring changes of weather, cause seeds to rain from the sky to heal the sick or provide food, or channel thunderbolts to destroy the wicked where they stand, all is not well. About Sharon Shinn The following biography has been reproduced from http: Why do it with this angel, even if he is a fantastic singer?

Archangel is a science fantasy novel by American writer Sharon Shinn. The angels in charge are corrupt.