AT91SAMCU Microchip Technology / Atmel Microprocessors – MPU 96kB SRAM MHz 4 PWM datasheet, inventory, & pricing. Microchip Technology / Atmel Logo. Microchip Technology / Atmel AT91SAMB-CU Enlarge. Images are for reference only. See Product Specifications. AT91SAMEK Microchip Technology / Atmel Development Boards & Kits – ARM Eval Kit for AT91SAM device datasheet, inventory & pricing.

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RedBoot provides gdb stub functionality so it is then possible to download and debug stand-alone and eCos applications via the gdb debugger.

This can happen over either a serial line or over ethernet. This documentation is expected to be read in conjunction with the SAM9 processor HAL documentation and further device support and subsystems are described and documented there. In a typical setup, the first 32K bytes are reserved for the second-level bootstrap, AT91Bootstrap.


The topmost block is used to manage the flash and the next block down holds RedBoot fconfig values. The remaining blocks can be used by application code.

If any of these devices is needed by the application, either directly or via the serial driver, then it cannot also be used for RedBoot communication. Another communication channel such as ethernet should be used instead.

Embedded PC / Atmel AT91SAM / RS / industrial – R – Sealevel Systems

The platform HAL package is responsible for configuring this generic driver to the hardware. This driver is also loaded automatically 9623 configuring for the board.

This driver is also loaded automatically when configuring for the target. Further documentation may be found within that package.

Starter Kit: Evaluation Board with AT91SAM and JTAG Emulator,ARME,Linux, LCD, Audio

By default it uses J10, leaving J9 for the bootstrap Dataflash. All these packages are automatically loaded when configuring for the board. That package is automatically loaded atmwl configuring for the target.


The on-board NAND interface is supported. Revision of this board has a known issue with accessing the NAND flash device.

Refer to section 1. B User Guide Atmel document no. During testing with a rev board, eCosCentric found it necessary to tie the CS line as per that document in order to ensure reliable access to the device. The original port was undertaken using arm-elf-gcc version 3.