Misha Glenny (Goodreads Author). · Rating details · 1, ratings · 88 reviews. This unique and lively history of Balkan geopolitics since the early. Neal Ascherson relishes Misha Glenny’s impressive study, The Balkans , which lays the blame for the perpetual strife in that region. Misha Glenny and Mark Mazower take very different approaches to the modern history of the Balkans.

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Inside the Balkan nightmare

The narrative is studded with sharply observed portraits of kings, guerrillas, bandits, generals, and politicians. Misha Glenny and Mark Mazower take very different approaches to the modern history of the Balkans.

Nationalism, War and the Great Powers. Russia’s People of Empire.

I realized this to its full extent when I read on phrase on the book, that Serbia was the only Balkan country with a native dynasty actually 2because it was the only country who had won it’s independence war. Jun 11, sologdin rated it liked it Shelves: In addition to a mihsa narrative, he includes extensive notes and a Bibliography that covers an addition page. A site of imperialism no less harsh for being inside Europe, the Balkans have been carved up and set against each other since the beginning of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.

This is an excellent, well researched and well written book.

I mostly focused on understanding the context of what has happened to the people of the Balkans, rather than trying to retain all of the explicit details of the politicking and battles.

There were a lot of names, events, and places that I wasn’t familiar with, and that made it hard to follow. I could not read more that a page mixha two at a time. As they pushed north through Macedonia in the direction of Bitola, which according to the Serb-Greek understanding the Greeks were supposed to occupy, they lgenny the only army in the Balkan Alliance to suffer a serious military reverse at the hands of the Ottomans. I cannot imagine what the poor people living in this region have gone through, what the reality of the massacres really is.


People often focus on the big countries and their issues, but this book gave me a better idea of how widespread the effects of socialism and totalitarianism were.

Inside the Balkan nightmare | Books | The Guardian

Austria tried to build up Albania as a counter-weight but could not prevent Kosovo and neighbouring lands being assigned to Serbia and Montenegro. In his conclusion he complains that the Balkans are only reported to glennny outside world in times of terror and trouble and otherwise ignored, but he himself hardly sets a good example here. The History of Russia in 50 Events.

No wonder that the high point of this book is his evocation of the fall and destruction of Smyrna inas the Turkish advance drove the Greek and Armenian population into the sea before a gigantic wall of flame two miles long. Above all, this balkanx meant to be an introduction to the modern history of the Balkans.

The Balkans: Nationalism, War and the Great Powers, 1804-1999

The saga of the Balkans is covered in pages and covers a period from to However, I did struggle. This book was quite instrumental in covering this gap. As he progresses through the conflicts of each country, the narrative does glwnny around at times and this can be confusing.


However, the book’s incredible realism also makes the journey much more harrowing. Glenny writes with dispassionate compassion. The hardest part of this book is that he talks about hundreds of people, leaders, politicians, rebels, valkans, etc.

And Glenny completely glosses over the events of in Bulgaria, Albania and Romania at the expense of the rapidly disintegrating Yugoslavia. Misha opened my eyes to a world of good information.

Kosovo is a sovereign nation according to some, though Serbia still contests it. Two parallel chapters cover the period from to — the first focusing on the Ottoman Empire and the Macedonian question, the second on the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the complexities of its internal Slav politics.

About The Balkans This unique and lively history of Balkan geopolitics since the early nineteenth century gives readers the essential historical background to recent events in this war-torn area. On the Religious Frontier.

Updated to cover the last decade’s brutal conflicts in Kosovo and Macedonia, the surge of organised crime in the region, the rise of Turkey and the rocky road to EU membership, The Balkans remains the essential and peerless study of Europe’s most complex and least understood region.

A History glehny Russia and Its Empire. Misha Glenny is a great reporter with specialist knowledge of the area.