: Mastiff: The Legend of Beka Cooper, Book 3 (Audible Audio Edition): Tamora Pierce, Susan Denaker, Listening Library: Books. Mastiff is the third and last volume in the Provost’s Dog trilogy, published on October 25, Rebakah (Beka) Cooper: Beka is now a fourth-year Dog. Beka is the ancestress of George Cooper, his children and grandchildren; Eleni Cooper; and Rispah Cooper and Latest Appearance, Mastiff.

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Ironwood of Sinthya is His Majesty’s mage while Orielle Clavynger is Her Majesty’s mage; they are forbidden to be more than yards away from the colper or queen.

Neither does her relationship with Farmer, the new character in the book. It would’ve been easy to use her uncharacteristic behavior as foreshadowing, Pierce bska dropped the reveal that he was magically influencing her. So, while I loved most of the book, despite the flaw of Holborne at the beginning, the climax and ending were really marred for me.

I would have liked to see her “seed” a baddie in Book 2, or have introduced a believable character in coopee Book 2. Sep 17, MrsJoseph rated it really liked it Shelves: Like Achoo, one wants to follow the trail to its finish.

Mastiff: Beka Cooper, Book 3 Book Review

It wasn’t long after Aniki, Kora and Rosto moved into the same house as Beka that Beka and Aniki got friendly, although they don’t stand on the same side of the law. Mastiff by Tamora Pierce 1 2 Apr 17, Lady Sabine, a female knight who joins Beka’s quest in this story, is another positive female character.

I suppose I just have endless problems with Beka and her non-characterization. I know I’m making it sound like I didn’t enjoy the book. Beka is a strong female character who remains true to and fights for what she be As Beka delves deeper in the motivations of the criminals she now Hunts, she learns of deep-seated political betrayal and corruption.

I know she was undergoing a lot of surgery whilst writing – maybe this was rushed? Hereward of Genlith has taken command of the palace in Corus with orders to lock everyone down.


First, the opening with the death of Holborne was strange and, in my opinion, completely unnecessary. Possibly her best books, dare I say. The first dies in the summer of an epidemic, the red flux. She learns that there have been more than twenty known cases reaching back for three years. Jan 13, Kathy Davie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Drummer is my lady’s destrier and Steady is her riding mount.

Also, the way the colper issue is resolved at the end, while nice and touchy-feely, is wholly unrealistic. She stepped in front of his horse, when he was riding in the Lower City and told him she can give him the Bold Brass gang.

Not that I’m complaining–it’s a delight to pick up on those little references. Add your rating See all 2 parent reviews.

Mastiff: Beka Cooper, Book 3

Beka’s oldest friend seems to be Tansy Lofts, who she still knows from mqstiff childhood days in Mutt Piddle Lane. Daeggan is one of the slaves who escape. It is ccooper Beka is facing these feelings that Lord Gershom appears at her door. I already put up with the absence of Ersken, Kora, Aniki, and Rosto for one whole book. In other words, Tamora Pierce can do very little wrong in my book, so it should come as no surprise that I liked Mastiff.

Exciting Journey, Rough Ending: Review of Mastiff by Tamora Pierce

It is a pleasure to spend more time with her, but she shines best in the lower city, which does not enter into this story at all. Beka and Tunstall are given horses and they head back to the palace to consult with the king.

He trips her and Beka lands in a heap of fish guts, which gets her the nickname “fishpuppy”. For those of you who, like me, yearn for a happy ever after, don’t you worry. The following section contains spoilers about Mastiff.

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Very much, in fact. Beka only barely escapes and flees to the Court of the Rogue until Pearl Skinner learns that Beka told Sir Lionel about her suspicions that the Rogue was responsible for the false coins.


Still, she gets along with it and already likes Dale more than she perhaps should. I didn’t buy it. She has dark blond hair which she tight-braids from the crown of her head and braids a spiked strap into so as to surprise opponents who try to grab her hair in a fight.

As Beka delves deeper into the motivations of the criminals she now Hunts, she learns of deep-seated political dissatisfaction, betrayal, and corruption. Even the journal device has improved: So that ticked me off, but I pressed forward, positive it would get better.

Column 4 Our impact report: Another excellent story from Pierce, suitable to all ages but especially enjoyable for female teens Becka continues to provide a role model and mastigf young people to set goals and maintain their personal honor, even in difficult situations.

She has a slightly better relationship with her brothers, Will and Nilowho are glad to see Beka when she comes visiting.

As always, Pierce’s writing is skilled, uses suitable vocabulary and has an understanding that girls and women are people, not statues on pedestals. It’s part of her characterization that it takes coopfr awhile to trust someone and that she’s extremely loyal once she manages it. That said, there’s less drinking in this book than in the others, mostly because Beka and her companions have little time for socializing.

Exciting Journey, Rough Ending: Review of Mastiff by Tamora Pierce | Amanda Rudd’s Blog

And it was the most splendid Hunt imaginable. Protector of the Small. And if she succeeds, neither the kingdom—nor Beka—will ever be the same.

Now I see what you were doing, you clever author!