Sdn. See elsewhere in catalog for matching aluminum dash panels. Panel. Pr. 65 Sdn. Here is the latest restoration offering from BUGPACK. Option #3. Browse our Virtual Catalog. Click the banner below to view our updated online catalog for free on your computer. This will require flash. – The catalog. Volkswagen Parts and Accessories Online Catalog Bugpack is now part of EMPI Inc. We at EMPI look forward to serving both Bugpack.

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Uses same element as our Air Cleaner. A leading supplier of automotive accessories.

Exact reproduction of the vinyl headliners found in post 63 cars. Available in lb. Kit contains enough to do a complete engine. These custom made stands are cast bugpcak lightweight aluminum and all stock parts such as oil fill will readily adapt. Parts feature cross-drilled holes for installing safety springs included to prevent loosening.

Features complete inspection, radiusing, and chamfering. The transmission midmount bracket requires welding to cztalog chassis. Integral glass pack mufflers produce a throaty exhaust tone. Cap, Blue Transparent Dist. One model is sold highly polished and the colors are colored anodized aluminum.

Bug Pack Catalog – [PDF Document]

Type 4 Length, Ea. Fits all Type 1 standard and super beetle applications. Race main bearing kits are supplied with extra dowel pin for securing 2nd bearing halve to right side of engine case.


We offer a variety of options and accessories for our racing exhausts. Sold in a set to do one engine. Designed specifically for our breather box kit it will work on many others. Replace old worn out axle bearing spacers with hardened new ones.

Used by racers in drag, midgets, oval track and off road. Made of same filter material as our gauze air filters.

Super strong chromolysteelbilletprecisionmachinedonCNCequipment. Pulley features degree timing marks allow for precision timing and valve settings. Available in black for that stealth look as well as top quality chrome plated done right here in the USA! Relocated compact 12mm spark plug holes which bugapck strength to the head. Will not interfere with dual springs and install at 1.

The detent plugs must be removed when the shift selector forks require attention and new detent plugs installed. These are the valves used exclusively in our competition head program.

Separate kits available to either finish behind the stock rear seat or cover over the rear seat area when the rear seat is removed.

These tabs require welding for installation and are sold in sets of four. Buy our matching tire cover for the ultimate custom trunk look. A great crank at a great price.

Top and bottom are triple chrome plated for long life.


Bug Pack Catalog

Features a chrome top and gauze element. Supplied with all necessary fittings, oil line, mesa style oil cooler with fan, in-line oil thermostat, billet oil pump cover with plug, remote oil filter adapter and hose clamps. Available in two models with clamps included. And just like the original, there is plenty cayalog clearance for the late model B doghouse fan.

Special hardware is provided to complete the easy installation.

Bugpack: Parts & Accessories | eBay

These spokes are available in either matte black or chrome finishes with matte black rubber styling sleeves. At all times we will try to provide the least amount of cut that the cores available will allow. Venting of the valve covers is required for all high performance engines.

cahalog Easily mounts to any T-1 case with set screws and fits both stock and power pulley size. Slight air restriction can result with our GauzeAir Cleaners. Long life chrome finish.

Each fan blade is TIG welded on two opposing points to ensure stability while allowing for flexibility at high rpm!