Carmina Priapea IntraText: testo integrale, concordanze e liste di frequenza – The IntraText Carmina Priapea: full text, concordances and frequency lists. [9] Within the large Priapea collection Carmina Priapea, the poems are ordered so as to lead to Priapus experiencing sexual problems and. Download Citation on ResearchGate | The Poetics Of The ‘carmina Priapea’ | This dissertation is on the Carmina Priapea (CP). The CP is a collection of 80 Latin.

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At o sceleste penis, o meum malum, gravi piaque lege noxiam lues. Hospitality and Xenophobia in the Graeco Roman World.

Hera, who was dissatisfied with her conduct, caused her to bear a babe of extreme ugliness, who was presently named Priapus. The edition of contains the commentary of G. Cum sacrum fieret deo salaci, conducta est pretio puella parvo communis satis omnibus futura, quae quot nocte viros peregit una, tot verpas tibi dedicat salignas. This is reminiscent of an epigram by Catullus against Furius, in which he describes him as having a body more dried than horn by extreme poverty; adding, ‘Sweat, saliva, mucus and nasal snivelling, all these are absent from thee.

Priapea (Carmina Priapea) – Brill Reference

And more, for shameless note to me was ‘signed With lustful nerve a pyramid distent, Whereto a damsel whom well nigh I’d named Is with her fornicator wont to come And save in every mode Philaenis tells Futtered, in furious lust her way she wends. We may no longer alas! Other Aldine editions of Vergil do not contain such recueil, but this famous family of printers issued in and reprinted in 15 34 Diversorum veterum poetarum in Priapum lususwith other pieces falsely attributed to Vergil.

Phoebus comosus, Hercules lacertosus, trahit figuram virginis tener Bacchus, Minerva ravo lumine est, Venus paeto, in fronte cornua Arcados vides Fauni, habet decentes nuntius deum plantas, tutela Lemni dispares movet gressus, intonsa semper Aesculapio barba est, nemo est feroci pectorosior Marte: On the other hand, the poet also clearly aims at variety.

Thou who wickedly designest, and scarce forbearest from robbing my garden, shall be sodomised with my twelve-inch fascinum [phallus]. An old crow, a thing of decay, a very sepulchre, grown rotten through the lapse of generations, who perchance might have been the wet-nurse of Tithonus, of Priam, and of Nestor, or who was an old woman maybe when they were boys, beseeches me that a futterer may not be wanting to her.


A huge penis, like a section of a broomstick, projects horizontally from the middle. Reason–a trip of the tongue!

Although I am now growing old, and my beard and locks whiten with hoary hairs, I am still able to perforate [sodomise] a Tithonus, a Priam, and a Nestor, when caught.

Thus shall I see if there be a man like unto him; that that man be mine. These they would hang upon the enormous phallus of the idol, which was often hidden from sight behind carmona number suspended by one woman alone.

Carmina Priapea – Brill Reference

He who shall plunder with dishonest hand the little field committed to my charge, shall feel me to be no eunuch[1] in this lonely place among the bushes.

Vale nefande destitutor inguinum, vale Priape: Or wherefore do I suspect the greatest number of thieves to come into my garden, when everyone of them who happens unexpectedly upon me pays the penalty and is excavated up to his undulating loins? Long-haired is Phoebus, arm-strong Hercules, And tender Bacchus owneth virginal form; Pallas hath grey-blue eyes, Venus a cast; Th’ Arcadian Fauns thou seest bloody-browed And the Gods’ Messenger shows proper feet; The Guard of Lemnos moves unequal steps; Ever untrimmed is Aesculapius’ beard; None hath a broader breast than bully Mars; But, an Priapus’ rank ‘mid these remain, There be no better-membered deity.

Achilles chaunted his woeful dirge to the strains of the Pelethronian lyre, himself more ‘rigid’ than its strings. Thus, although it was being continually scraped, it appeared never to diminish, a miracle due exclusively to the mallet.

My estimate of a translator’s office has never been of the low level generally assigned to it, even in the days when Englishmen were in the habit of translating every work, interesting or important, published out of England, and of thus giving a continental and cosmopolitan flavour to their literature. And here I may state that a complete and literal translation of the works of Catullus, on the same lines and in the same format as the present volume, is now in preparation.

In the original Latin verpameaning the virile member.

He has made the most of his trouvaille providing the booklet with a history priapeq a bibliography and illustrating, in copious notes and excursus, the Priapic cult and the manners and customs of the Roman days so quaintly depicted in these old monkish?

Pierced with a foot-long pole thy skin shall be stretched in such fashion Thou shalt be fain to believe ne’er had a wrinkle thine arse.


My side has failed me and poor I with cough The perilous spittle ever must outspew. These statues, usually carved from wood, [4] were in the form of a man with a huge phallus, carrying a sickle in one hand. On account of a cabbage? Carminw, according to Pliny, lived in the time of Pompeius: Ask I wherefore no God careth his sign to conceal? Achilles, in discontent, thereupon withdrew himself and his forces from the rest of the Greeks.

Priapeum non est: A Reconsideration of Poem 61 in the Carmina Priapea

Now there is naught of this; moreover, I am so full of desire that I think the whole of the Nymphs have perished.

Sleep, O ye watchdogs! Whoso of violets here shall pluck or rose, Or furtive greens or apples never bought, May he in want of woman or of boy By the same tension you in me behold Go burst, I ever pray, and may his yard Against his navel throb and rap in vain. Wernicke, Thoruni, 8vo which contains the notes of Scaliger, Lindenbruch and P. In Latin Bulgarus means a Bulgarian or a heretic, from which our vulgar modern word ‘bugger’ is derived, as is the Italian bugiardo and the French bougre.

Ah hapless I, that should be only wood What makes me ever formidable seem! The poet calls her Lesbia because the Lesbians were given to this fantasy.

Others presented to the god as many phalli, made of willow-wood, as the men whom. Here has the bailiff, now of carmin plentiful garden the guardian, Bidden me care for the place he to my service entrusts.

In brief, he has monopolised the learned and literary side of the epigrams, and he has assumed the whole responsibility thereof. Why, most foolish girl, do you laugh? The male member– mentula. These huge attestors shall the cause maintain.

There is little valid reason for our aversion; the rhythm has been made familiar to our ears by long courses of Greek and Latin and the rarity of spondaic feet is assuredly to be supplied by art and artifice.