Before her death on October 16, , Nwapa said in an interview that she used Efuru to explore how women are treated in the society. Having. Appearing in , Efuru was the first internationally published book, in English, by a Nigerian woman. Flora Nwapa () sets her story in a small village . Efuru explores Nigerian village life and values, a world where spirits are a part of everyday life – as accepted, respected, and feared as one’s own relatives. Efuru.

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She is the daughter of Nwashike Ogene, a hero and leader of his tribe. They talk efur issues which affected them while they were in school and their present conditions. Efuru’s second marriage eventually also fails as her husband mistreats her in favor efugu his florw and third wives. I was already aware of Achebe, but my gut feeling told me that this woman was a better writer! Anyone criticising this novel for its simplicity – try to craft a response more eloquent than Efuru’s when she speaks of ‘ It frustrates me reading some of the reviews for Efuru on here.

The Story of the Kate Chopin Revival. Chapter Three As their baby continues to flra, their business continues to diminish. For more info on the festival, visit our website: The beginning and end were better than the middle. Traditions of Igbo culture Now I was very astonished, considering the historical significance of this book, that no library in Dallas Texas carried this novel.

It is a movement often misunderstood, and quite frankly, understandably so because it has also struggled to define itself.

See all 5 questions about Efuru…. This site offers a description of the name Efuru and its meaning. Topics African feminism books fiction identity politics Nigeria Nzinga woman patriarchy publishing.

Jan 27, Emily Mack rated it liked it. Again, Efuru gives her sixteen shillings—a shilling more than the amount she claimed she had lost to thieves.

Not quite long after she has lost her only child, her father, the only close confidant she has had, is now gone. The reader is taken through the everyday life experiences of women in an African setting.


I liked it, I didn’t love it.

Patrick Colm Hogan Limited preview – Aug 03, Cheryl rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Afrikkalainen nainen kuvataan kerrankin vahvana toimijana. Although women are not always bestowed with the freedom to leave their husbands even when they are unfaithful, Efuru is given eufru freedom to leave her unfaithful husbands.

True to human nature, Gilbert and Sunday share their childhood nostalgias and escapades as well as their future hopes and impediments. For me it was like a case of “” – West Africans would realise what I mean. The protagonist, Efuru, is twice married but both marriages fail despite her love and loyalty.

The themes of nwaoa play are very much linked to the Yoruba culture. Nobody dares nwwapa challenge her decision because it has become obvious that her renegade husband will never return. Well, it is better told than experienced. A mother of eight children, she is very good to her sister and always at her beck and call whenever she needs her help.

Efuru by Flora Nwapa

White people are more aggravating yet doddering parental figure than ultimate villain, and when they do show up it is as comic relief or touches of dramatic plot point. She is of the Igbo and her own nature is her saviour. Before Efuru and her husband had a baby, their business was booming, but now that she has a baby, her attention is given more to her baby than her business. However, I have no qualms with this neither does Efuru. While her husband is still away, her only child takes ill and dies.

Simple, so so so simple sentences almost killed me at the first, but then I used to them and learned to like them. I mean adult in that there are no right answers, or there are no right answers yet, or there will never be any right answers so long as life goes along unquestioned and individuals trust that the mold of their ancestors will protect their progeny, so long as they all fit.


Efuru – Flora Nwapa – Google Books

View all 5 comments. Apart from being poor and sometimes finds it difficult to feed his family, Nwosu is no doubt a good husband. The events have no overarching order, but they dfuru unfold, like they do in real life?

For a while, their marriage is a happy one, Gilbert and Efuru do business together as equal partners. Gilbert is gruff and intolerant. Unlike her sister, Ajanupu, she is quite reserved. Although she was rough and raw when she first came to stay with Efuru, she soon learns and integrates fully into her new home.

It was not only that she came from a distinguished family. No matter what Efuru does to make these men happy, they only think of nwapaa to make her sad. Although she does not have formal education, she is just as intelligent as many educated folks. This is why many financial fkora will want to investigate the project to be invested in before giving loan to an individual.

Flora Nwapa and the African woman’s struggle to identify as feminist

She rebels in eloping with her first husband, but her conscience won’t permit her not to go back and apologize to her father who eagerly takes her back and forgives her. Although most men in such relationship would feign love and respect for their partner, they only euru so for what they will gain.

I really enjoyed this book. You may also like our Facebook page: Efuru is a fflora, strong character–the perfect woman to show a female perspective. Crises of Tradition in the Anglophone How can a couple build a healthy and strong relationship in a patriarchal environment?

Amina Adams 11 June at Are you less of a woman if you don I really enjoyed this book.