Kate Chopin’s Short Stories Summary and Analysis of “Désirée’s Baby” Madame Valmondé visits L’Abri to see Désirée and her new baby. Kate Chopin was an American author of short stories and novels, mostly with a Louisiana Creole background. Today she is considered a forerunner of the. Need help with Désirée’s Baby in Kate Chopin’s Désirée’s Baby? Check out our revolutionary side-by-side summary and analysis.

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I really like what Kate Chopin writes. She is courted by the son of another wealthy, well-known and respected French Creole family, Armand.

Desiree’s Baby

I like the title, Desiree’s Baby, that suggests that the baby is only hers, not theirs together, since the father all but renounces him. And, I’ve arranged my thoughts into a haiku: And now that his moods have softened, she is incredibly happy.

Oscar died in and Kate was suddenl Kate Chopin was an American novelist and short-story writer best known for her startling novel, The Awakening. Her praise of Armand shows her love for him, as well as how emotionally dependent she is on her husband. These observations reveal the dark nature of the place through its dark appearance.

She tells her mother that she will die because she cannot live with this much unhappiness.

We crumble and surren I forgot just how sad this story is. Jacqueline Kinlow Read by. She pleads with her mother to convince everyone that this is not true. I had to read this short story for a class, and my jaw dropped by the end. But it delivered brilliantly, and has become one of my favourite short stories of all time. The tale was short and fairly well executed, but my problem with it arose from that I found it to be a pointless story. It’s set in the America of yesteryear when this was serious enough to turn one partner’s love for the other to unforgiving hatred.


Download this Chart PDF. She tells her daughter to come back to the mother that loves her and to bring her baby.

Desiree’s Baby by Kate Chopin

Armand tells her to go, and when she asks again if he wants her to go, he responds that he does. Goodreads helps cho;in keep track dexiree books you want to read. I actually wrote a college paper on this story comparing the dessiree of the plot to slavery and gender roles among African Americans and Women of the time period versus today’s standards. This story focuses on themes of hypocrisy and jate equality.

With allusions to her interest in French literature and the Creole and Cajun influences of her later years, this story was characteristic of Chopin in that it unapologetically showed “inferior” people—Madame Valmonde as a woman, and the “negroes” as slaves—in more independent positions. Her silence is may be guided by shame about the truth or a desire to protect her daughter in her innocence.

The ending did not come as a surprise but I enjoyed the style of writing. Another great story with a shocking unexpectedly ending. He no longer loves his wife because he sees her as the source of the desiere brought on him hojo his family name. With this bundle of letters is also one written from his mother to his father, revealing that Armand is the one who is part black, by his mother’s ancestry. Kate Chopin was an American author of short stories and novels, mostly with a Louisiana Creole background.

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Eighteen years later, she was standing near the same stone pillar where she was found when Armand Aubigny rode by and fell in love with her at first sight. Did the party of Texans who had crossed the river near the planation that very day leave her behind? We crumble and surrender who we are to what ‘color’ wants us to be.

He considers his silence another blow against his shameful fate. And one’s a coward. Hioj she says that the child has indeed grown, and then she asks her daughter what Armand says about the baby. It is an amazing account of what life was like for many women and very heart-wrenching.

Armand silently reads the letter and does not speak. She says that it is a lie, and points out her brown hair and gray eyes. Then Armand undergoes a dramatic change. Set in Pre-Civil War Louisiana, a rich plantation owner follows the “one-drop rule” faithfully, leading his wife and their son to their end.

Armand sits in the back hallway and gives instructions to a dozen slaves who tend and feed the bonfire. Sep 16, Pboswell rated it it was amazing.