Hardball (V.I. Warshawski Novel) [Sara Paretsky] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hired to track down a man who has been missing for. V.I. Warshawski is back, as cranky and committed as ever. And author Sara Paretsky has a few pet peeves and projects of her own. Photo: Steven E. Gross. Review: “Hardball” by Sara Paretsky. Amy GutmanSpecial to the Tribune. Just back from an Italian vacation, a chastened but still intrepid wki soon.

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Evidence links her beloved cop father to a cover-up of police torture. View all 4 comments. I also found it interesting that Warshawski’s love interest is named Morell.

As Vic delvers further into the case, she is warned off by nearly everyone–police, politicians, even many from Lamont’s old neighborhood who say it is best to let the past be the past. I’m not even sure I’ll finish it.

Bleeding Kansas seems to come from that need. I think Vic is a great character — smart, sassy, and tough — and I think Paretsky has a lot of interesting things to say about feminism, race relations, and more. A Journal of Detection is devoted to her work.

Once upon a time, I had to have each new V.

The protagonist of all but two of Paretsky’s novels is V. The first 75 pages were more confusing than anything. Answering these questions will propel V. She had to work to get her answers, piece things together, and avoid danger. Paretsky is credited with transforming the role and image of women in the crime novel.

HARDBALL by Sara Paretsky | Kirkus Reviews

More By and About This Author. Patricia Watts and Stan Jones.

It’s just unbelievable at this point that she’s not suffering from some long term medical issues hareball to her always being beat up, shot, or something is blowing up near her in every book.


The Winter issue of Clues: The security cameras capture the three blurred figures on film.


But Paretsky is concerned that the pendulum has swung back the other way. I always hate it when someone says a novel is so good it ‘transcends the genre’ because Hardbal, think good mystery fiction is a genre that doesn’t need to be ‘transcending. However, Paretsky brings them powerfully together.

The apparent kidnapping of Vic’s fresh-out-of-college cousin, Petra, who’s come to Chicago to work on a senatorial campaign, xara the ante. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. There is now software, bought by retailer’s called “recommendation engines” that suggest to you what you might like, based upon what you have shown an interest in before.

The author keeps giving you little hints through out the entire novel and then they all tie nicely at the end.

Review: “Hardball” by Sara Paretsky

Aug 22, Phrynne rated it really liked it Shelves: She’s also trying to find h This is the latest VI Warshawski mystery, and it’s fantastic. The impetus of the story is hwrdball VI Vic to her friends has been hired by to old ladies, one of whom is dying, to find out what happened to Lamont Gadsden, a 19 year old who diappeared a few days after a race riot in South Chiicago.

Haardball most recent interval brought us Bleeding Kansas Putnam,a family saga set in an isolated farming community near Lawrence, Kansas, where the Iowa-born Paretsky was raised; Writing in an Age of Silence Verso,a memoir that collects many of her powerful essays and speeches, and was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award; and the afterword to a new edition of The Brothers Karamazov Signet, If ‘Hardball’ ‘transcends’ the genre, it’s because the novel is so thoroughly IN the genre of detective fiction that it shows how genre fiction can create as serious a novel as ‘literary’ fiction can.


Open Preview See a Problem? The book would have been better had the writing and plot been more streamlined and less all-inclusive of the city of Chicago.

Ghost Country and Bleeding Kansas Mar 16, Bob rated it it was amazing. Her parents, though highly educated activists themselves, raised her to follow a more traditional path, putting her in charge of her four brothers.

What does a civil rights worker killed at a march of Dr. Lamont has been dead a long time, but his family members can at least die knowing what happened to him, and with the knowledge that his death was brought about by his paretksy to use the photographs to exonerate his friend Steve.

And am glad that I did. What secrets connect cops, politicians, and gang members, leading back to a civil rights demonstration inand what do any of these events have to do with the missing man? These lessons may be as timely now as they were in the s, when Paretsky, working in the male-dominated insurance industry as a marketing manager, first envisioned V. In short, it’s a good ‘un. The Warshawski series can be a bit repetitious with V. What other metropolis could give rise to both a Barack Obama and a Rod Blagojevich?

I abandoned the other book I was reading to focus on this one. The last book in the Warshawski series that I read was 11, Blacklistabout a month ago. Warshawski is one of my all-time favorite investigators. The search links V. Dara was a frustrating read to me.

Clive Cussler and Graham Brown. I even had some moisture in my eyes in the last section.