Sri Tripura Rahasya or Haritayana Samhita. (THE MYSTERY BEYOND THE TRINITY) Translated by. SWAMI SRI RAMANANANDA SARASWATHI. Tripura Rahasya – haritaayana samhita. THE MYSTERY BEYOND THE TRINITY If you wanted to know from where the movies The Matrix & its sequels,The. Following India’s Vedic tradition, “Vastu” helps guide people to prosperity and tranquility in life by aligining architectural spaces with the natural world. This work .

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A few months passed in this manner. Countless aids will not give emancipation if an earnest search for truth is not made.

She washed his feet and prostrated before him, szmhita was due to one of his rank, and spoke melting words of sweet love. I see you again after such a long time.

Are you in good health?

You are being redirected

Of course, the body is sometimes liable to illness. Do tell me why you have been neglecting me all these days. Not a day passed before without your seeing me and conversing with me.

How have you been passing your time? I could never have dreamt that you would be so indifferent to me! What makes you so? How do you spend your nights? You used to say that a moment without me was like eternity to you, and that you could not bear it. I am convinced of your strength and that nothing can affect your inherent happiness. You are a sage and unperturbed. You know this world and beyond. How could anything affect you like this?

I am here to ask your advice. Explain to me that tale you once related to me as the story of your life. Who is your friend? Sanhita is her husband? Who are her sons? Tell me, what relationship have all these people to me? I no longer think it is a lie. I am sure you told me a parable which is full of significance. I bow to you reverently. Kindly clear these doubts.

Hemalekha with a smiling and delighted face heard her husband and thought within herself: He is evidently indifferent to the pleasures of life and is also strong in mind.

Haritayana samhita pdf

The time is now ripe for him to be enlightened, so I will enlighten him. I shall now solve the puzzle of xamhita life-story. What the mind was said to steal from them is enjoyment of sensual objects which leaves an impress on samhiat mind to develop later into the proclivities of the mind. Sharing stolen objects with his wife is manifestation of proclivities in dreams. Dream is the daughter-in-law of Delusion i.


Madam Vorax is desire; her sons are anger and greed; samhta city is the body. What was said to be my most potent talisman is Realisation of the Self.

Haritayana Samhita | mira prabhu

The different cities peopled by them are hells passed in the eternal passage of the soul. The consummation of the discerning faculty is Samadhi. Think well and be absolved. His voice chocked with pleasure as he said to her: It has all been made as clear to me as a gooseberry resting on the palm of my hand. Please tell me further now: How is she without beginning? What is our real nature? Investigate the nature of the Self with intellect made transparently clear.

You know the mother only if you know the Self. However, realise the Self within you, for it abides in unblemished intellect. It surpasses demonstration or discussion. What you ask me, dear, amounts to asking me to show your eyes to you. Just as a teacher is of no use in this instance, so in the other. He can at best guide you towards it and nothing more. I shall also explain to you the means to realisation. I am only related to you and not part of you much less your very being.

What remains over, transcending at all, beyond conception, appropriation, or relinquishment — know That to be the Self. That knowledge is final emancipation. After receiving these instructions from his wife, Hemachuda rose hurriedly from his seat, mounted on his horse and galloped from the city. He entered a royal pleasure-garden beyond the outskirts of the town and into a well-furnished crystal palace.

He dismissed his attendants and ordered the keepers: They must wait until you obtain my permission. Then he went up to a fine chamber in the ninth storey which looked out in all directions. The room was well furnished and he sat down on a soft cushion.

He collected his mind and began to contemplate thus: No one of them knows even the fringe of the Self!

But all are active for the sake of their own selves. Some of them recite the scriptures, a few study them and szmhita commentaries; sambita are busy accumulating wealth; others are ruling the land; some are fighting the enemy; others are seeking the luxuries of life.

When engaged in all this selfish activity they never question what exactly the Self may be; now hxritayana is there all this confusion? When the Self is not known, all is in vain and as if done in a dream. So I will now investigate the matter. I certainly take the body for the Self but it is simply a tool of mine. These people, too, are taken up by this same notion that their bodies are their egos. Reflecting thus, he considered the body. He could not identify the body as the Self, and so began to transcend it.


This body is mine, not me. It is built up of blood and bones, and is changing each moment. How can this be the changeless, continuous me. It looks like a chattel; it is apart from me as is a waking body from the dream, etc. The reason of this inability is not clear to me.

Objects are cognised through the senses, not otherwise; life is recognised by touch, and mind by samhitq. By whom is the intellect made evident? I do not know…. I szmhita see I am always aware — realisation of that pure awareness is obstructed by other factors pertaining to the non-self butting in — Now I shall not imagine them — They cannot appear without my mental imagery of them and they cannot obstruct samhkta glory of the Self, without appearing.

Thinking thus, he forcibly arrested his thoughts. He, at the same time, decided that it was the Self, so became very happy and once again he began to meditate.

The restlessness of the mind being thus resolutely checked, he saw in an instant a blazing light hafitayana no circumference. Regaining human consciousness, he began to wonder how this could happen. The Self cannot be more than one. This time he fell into a long sleep and dreamt wonderful dreams. On waking up, he fell furiously to think: The darkness and light which I saw before must also be in the nature of dreams.

Dreams are mental imagery, and how shall I overcome them? His mind was placid for a time. He thought himself sunk in bliss. Shortly after, he regained his original state, owing to the mind again beginning to function. Is it a dream or a hallucination of the mind? My experience is a fact but it surpasses my imagination. The highest of my known experiences cannot compare with even an samhifa part of the state of bliss I was in just now.

It was like sleep in so far as I was not externally aware. But there was a peculiar bliss at the same time. The reason is not clear to me because there was nothing to impart pleasure to me.