The Commission submitted its report on 2. Report. Supreme Court appointed Justice E. Padmanabhan, a retired High Court Judge as one member Committee to make suitable recommendations having. judicial officers of the States can be increased. Justice Padmanabhan Committee has submitted Report suggesting various recommendations. Copy already. Report of First National Judicial Pay Commission – Headed by Hon’ble all the Governments for implementation of Justice E. Padmanabhan.

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The subordinate judges are the back bone of the Indian Judiciary. The indian Public at the entry level looks at the judges of the subordianate court.

They have to face many problems in day to day trial. But the are ignored by the Indian Government.

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The Judges do justice with the litigants with their full devotion and hard work but injustice is being imposed upon the subordinate jugdes. The salaries of all the public servants have been increased from first January, but the judges are awaiting for it. It should be done quickly as soon as possible so that the subordinate judges may lead a respectable life as expected by Indian Constitution.

It will encourage trial judges to work hard inspite of their inconveniences in the court as well as in their residence. Now the trial court judges are working about 14 hours per day in Kerala. Magistrates are working throughout the day and night. They can expect arrest and production of accused even during midnight.

Preparation of next day’s cases posted for trial and judgment and administrative works including affixing signature in each and every papers produced before the court and recording of lengthy depositions and examination of more than 20 witnesses per day are their routine works.

But the pay and allowances being paid to those trial judges were only nominal and they were constrained to meet the ends. Now the decision of Hon’ble Supreme court to appoint Justice Padmanabhan to file a report after considering the grievances of trial court judges and the report filed in time have removed distress in the minds of them.

Now they can lead a respectable life suitable to the reputed post they are holding. The recomendations should be accepted by the states and those should be implimented with quickely with effect from 1.

Increase in salary was long overdue.

Justice Padmanabhan Committee supre court order

It will encourage the judges of the trial courts to perform even better. All state governments must accept the report and enforce the same. States shall not defend the report raising untenable contentions. It is known to everybody that the judicial officers are working hard enough to do justice.

Justice should be done for them also. If so it will ultimately help the society.

Its very pleasant to hear that Hon’ble Justice Padmanabhan has justiice logically recommended for the pay revision of subordinate court judges. But it is to be seen that how much time it takes in its implementation after passing through many constraints.

One can not see any department where officers are punctual to time in seconds. They utilize every moment of their working hours to deliver maximum output depite of innumerable difficulties, eg.

Justice Padmanabhan Committee supre court order

Even one can witness the subordinate judges noting down depositions in the light of candles while cleansing their sweat. What else a subordinate court judge can do except that they are indulged to achieve the padmanqbhan objective of social justice enshrined in our constitution in adverse conditions commkttee to them.

What committe to them is people get repirt because people have faith in them. Good news for all trail judges inasmuch as they keenly await it. If it is implimented soon, it will be very happy. It is to be remembered that trail judges are backbone for Indian Pwdmanabhan.


It is really good news for all juducial officers; it is also to be remebered that trail judges are back bone to the Indian Judiciary. It needs to be seen that the recommended pay of subordinate court judges be implemented at the very earliest because they deserve for it and they need it at the moment to meet the fanancial challenges.

To avoid the diemma at the time of pay revision of subordinate court judges in future, Hon’ble Supreme Court may be pleased to consider for direction to Govt. This may avoid undue delay in pay revision for subordinate court judges.

It’s the right time to express utmost solidarity among the judicial fraternity all over the nation to get the report approved by the Hon’ble Supreme Court and also accepted and implemented by the State Governments. Kerala Judicial Officers’ Association.

It is heartening to see that the report regarding the new pay scales for subordinate judicial officers by Hon’ble Mr. Padmanabhan has been submitted in time. Now it only remains to be seen that in how much time the benefit of revised pay scales reaches the officers. The trial court judges in india are backbone of our judicial system and it is in the justie of the country if judicial officers are given respectable salary so that they can work honestly and with more vigour.

I hope that the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India directs the implementation of this report as soon as possible. We all are awaiting for it. Thanks to Padmanabhan committe. Atlast, the salaries of the subordinate judiciary have raised to a level where it can match the metropolitan standards of living with decency. The total number of staff in judiciary being only 16,ooo is something that has to be marked where there is a huge social and moral responsibility for the subordinate judiciary to keep up the trust and credence of the public.

It is pathetic to peep into the issues padmanaban the court complexes and judicial quarters are not maintained atleast to a hospitable condition. Where in some places they are not even whitewashed atleast once in 10 years due to lack of funds, leave alone the infrastructural malfunctions.

Which is why, the hike in the salaries and funds is completely justified so as to enable the subordinate judiciary for a better living and a better justice. We salute this great personality and pray to the almighty God that This historic man may live as long as the Sun and Earth. Justice Jagannatha Shetty inspired self respect and confidence in the trial court judges by his historic report.

This report is The Bible and Geeta for every Judge. Every Judge should keep this report with it and should study, it as The holy Geeta and Bible. Padmanabhan is a great personality, who submitted his report within the time frame which was fixed by Hon’ble Apex Court. Padmanabhan for doing hard work day and night to do justice with the trial court judges.

The State of Gujarat has already implimented these recommendations in Advance. Narender Modi for showing its diligence. It is for states to show their Deligence in implimenting the recommendations. Honesty is the basic qualification of a judge.

After implementing the 6th pay commission the cost of living has been increased accordingly. It is being seen that senior readers and steno are getting more salary than magistrates. A judge has to maintain a standard being representative of judiciary. But in present situation it is being impossible.

Now Padmanabhan committee has played a vital role in providing justice to comittee. Apart from the pay hikes, judicial officers should also be provided with proper working infrastructure. They cannot be expected to work in dilapidated buildings and move around in vans ferrying them like school going children. Also increase in the number of courts will not help reduce pendency of cases, but a sense of respectability to the office will make the judicial officers work with more zeal and enthusiasm.

There need not be a separate court for every enactment. While even officers at the bottom of the hierarchy have independent vehicles provided by the government, 3 or 4 senior most district judges have to move around in a single van!!!!!!!!!!!! Can u tell from when this report is likely to be implemented? If possible and if you have access to please give full report of the recomendations. Prima facie recommendations are a step forward Because clerks juwtice getting salary more than magistrate thanks to sixth pay commission there fore this report should be implemented on or before jan 1st This report is very good and will induce judicial officers to do duty without fear or favour Implementation of recommendation of the committee, as same as it has been made, seen a tough task for the authorities.


Today, after a week, all officers of Judicial Padmanabhaj are still awaiting for their salaries as the recommendation are. And, employees of other department are availing and enjoying their joys. Further more that as a Judicial Body, we can’t complaint to any one whether it is about our right or about our pain.

By the way, lets wait again till receiving of the fantasy its my own word about the dreamed salary. Provide better amenities to the judicial officers like independent state cars not hired ones to every judicial officer across the country and adequate security at their homes too. Inasmuch as acids attacks are being padmanabhn, it is the time to mull over as to security of judicial officers besides pay revision. When each and every district has 16 to 20 courts of judicial officers in the rank of District Judges, how can the judiciary be expected to command respect.

There is no need to set up a court for every enactment. Also the fast track courts should be abolished and the regular courts that were prevailing earlier are more than enough to bring down the pendency of cases.

What is needed is a sense of respectability to be attached to the judiciary and the officers will work with more zeal. This is why the executive treats the judiciary with utter disregard. The Annual Conference of Chief Ministers’ and Chief Justices’ has become ritualistic with resolutions passed every year to bring down the backlog of cases all over the country. The judiciary is depicted as the culprit and it is made to appear as if the judicial officers are incompetent and lethargic.

Sadly not even a single moment is spent to discuss the hardships faced the judicial officers. And everyone speaks as if an increase in the number of Courts will reduce the backlog while history and statistics prove otherwise. An increase in number of courts is a convenient way to reduce the staff in each court and making the judicial officers work in far worse conditions than those existing now.

Instead that funds can be utilised to modernise the court rooms, acquire independent vehicles. The Fast Track Courts should be abolished and the earlier system of regular courts should be allowed to continue. Fast Track Courts are nothing but a way to belittle the judicial officers by providing them with no staff, no amenities. Despite these drawbacks if the Fast Track Courts could deliver then think of the wonders that can be expected if better amenities are provided to the judiciary.

No one points out to the fact that the government being the biggest litigant, is responsible for the huge backlog of cases in the Courts all over the country. It is the ineptitude, inefficiency and indifference of the government machinery that gives rise to unending litigation and the common man is at the receiving end because of this.

What is needed now are not new courts but effective training to the government servants to implement schemes, laws, etc.