Manuals and User Guides for Keston C C55P. We have 1 Keston C C55P manual available for free PDF download: Installation And Servicing Instructions. Keston C55 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Keston C55 Installation And Servicing Instructions, User Instructions. WD The Keston C45, C40P, C55 & C55P CONTENTS Section Description 0 HANDLING INSTRUCTIONS List of contents Recommended handling.

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Always isolate the electrical supply before opening heating elements. Internal electronics error — rest or replace control box.

Check wires on flow and return thermistors are not crossed. Fire boiler and check for actual flue temperature.

This way it guarantees quality, reliability and safety. Temporary mode whilst boiler is adjusting internal settings. Time in hours since last error occurred. Control box errors — possible faulty control box. These error codes will display in priority to all other information on the display.

After clearing c5 issue, you will need to reset boiler press reset manua,so that boiler resumes operation. This fault display indicates a fault on the wiring loom. Only relevant if an outside temperature sensor is detected. Contact your Gas Supplier immediately. No signal from fan. If this fails to heat the cylinder the element has failed and should be replaced. E08 Flame circuit error — possible control box fault E09 Valve drive error — possible gas valve or control box fault E10 Control box errors — possible faulty control box E11 Internal electronics error — rest or replace control box E12 Thermal fuse blown or flue overheat thermostat activated.


Keston C55 Manuals

Air Intake Connection Due consideration should therefore be given to access Check wires on flow and return thermistors are not crossed B25 Flow temperature climbing too quickly. Each Keston Boiler is displaying three types of codes: Check the boiler has gas supply and that it has been purged. Return temperature exceeded flow temperature. Flue temperatures above 75C may cause reduced boiler output.

Flue temperatures above 80C will cause boiler lockout. This is a spare sensor connection.

Keston C55

Since the units use standard 50 mm muPVC pipe for the flue and air intake systems the boiler is packed in a single box without additional flue kit.

Difference between flow and return temperatures too high. Check correct electrical polarity.

Return thermistor not connected or faulty. Replace thermal fuse link 82OC. Open the catalog to page 9. Safety footwear and gloves are recommended PPE when lifting this appliance. Open the catalog to page 2. Waiting for fan to start.



Boiler is alight and running in response to a demand from DHW i. Check boiler earth and probe condition. Flame detected when not expected. Check power supply flashing off off Boiler off on front. All parts are being sourced by same manufactures used for original assets production. Minimal size for inlet supply pipes is 15mm. Top up system pressure if sealed system.

Check fan, connections and fan pcb. The most common error codes are included in the table below: Boiler off on front. Flue Exhaust Connection Further distance it is pipe size should be greater. The C45 and C55 boilers can be fitted in compartments with very small clearances required around the appliance refer to Section 1. The error code mznual for the lockout. If thermal cut off switches have operated press in the red button.

Open the catalog to page 8.