Maxsurf Tutorial -introductory2 i hope these videos will help you if you have. MVA offers Maxsurf online certification training helps the candidates in understanding the Software & Maxsurf Modeler. Your one stop for learning Maxsurf for Naval Architects.

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Some of these include: Do not change their longitudinal position. Trimming a deck and bowthruster — Video View a video that shows you learnkng to quickly model a step in a deck surface, insert a bowthruster and use right click trimming.

This will start up a new Maxsurf application and bring up the following dialog first: Undo the last command and now use Smooth Controls Medium on the same selection of control points: This wavepiercer has an integrated superstructure. The trainer covered all the topics in a clear way. Displays the current grid locations for the grid type selected in 1. Only one window can be the current window or active window. Hope to join a new course in the near future.

The staff was always preoccupied with delivering an accurate and timely response to my requests.

Navigate to the Maxsurf program file directory C: Formation Design Systems reserves the right to revise this publication from time to time and to make changes to the contents without obligation to notify any person or organization of such changes. You have completed the chapter about fairing.

We clearly see the flat of sides appearing after applying a straighten command Notice how the shape of the control point net that forms the bilge-FOS line from AB to B has now become a straight line.

This gives you immediate feedback if there are any lumps or inflections. All MAXSURF modules share a consistent Microsoft Windows graphical interface which reduces training time, greatly increases ease of maxusrf, and helps designers and builders visualise complex configurations. There were some technological difficulties at first, but then ran smoothly.


Learning Maxsurf V15_图文_百度文库

You have created your first design by starting a new design and inserting and modifying a surface from the Maxsurf surface library. Trimming a bowthruster — Concepts A bowthruster is a cylindrical opening in the hull.

I am taking this opportunity to thank the entire team of Multisoft Virtual Academy for the extensive support and great learning environment they provided me during my STAAD.

You may wish to repeat this tutorial a couple of times to work your way towards fully understanding this command. Go to Surfaces Locking? In this section you will learn how to use compacted control points to model chines or knuckles in a surface and what conditions have to be satisfied in order to be able to do this. If a polynomial has five constants, at least five points on the curve or influencing the curve, like the control points are required to solve the constants and define the curve.

Show the control point net Usually after you have not shown the internal control points for a while and made all sorts of changes to the edges and corner control points, the internal control point net can be quite messy. This is always the case for all edges and is very important to remember!

However, in practice this method is not used often. In Plan or Profile you are looking from the bottom or starboard respectively and this usually does not look quite as confusing: Start with the Starting a Design section. Continue reading Number of control points. The sections define the intersections between the surface and numerous transverse planes through the model. Place the jaws of the Pac-Man over the control point row you wish to delete and click the left mouse button?

The order in which he does things and the tools he uses along the way are not pre-defined and can not be learnt from a book. Continuous position, slope and curvature, discrete change of curvature.

Save your design Move the surface 5m to starboard and 5 m up. You will lose all changes since the last save.


MaxSurf Online Training

Drag the mouse to form the following zoom rectangle: Display Curvature — Video View a video that will show you the different curvature display tools for curves such as Curvature porcupines and Compress view. Pretty amazing to be on the other side of the country and still feel so close. Each time a change is made Maxsurf stores a copy of the file into the RAM memory of your computer. Opening the Manual You can access the manual from different locations: What you are looking at now is called the active column.

The net amplifies errors in the surface; the surface is always more fair than the net. Check again in Perspective view: Best way to learn about this command is by trial and error; aided by the following tips: Lock the Topsides surface Repeating almost all of the steps above: In this section we will practice what you have learnt and insert a deck surface as well as bowthruster.

Continue with the next section Trimming a Deck and a Bowthruster. When you drag the Properties Pane on top of the docked Assembly Pane, you will see the following: A stiffness of 6 is not allowed because the order of the surface stiffness in a given direction must be less than or equal to the number of control points in that direction.

Each tutorial may have different related resources such as: Some Maxsurf specifics to the User Interface are described below. Adding rows or columns does not have to be done in any particular order.

The surface is still there and the trimming can be undone at any point.

I am very grateful of MVA for enlightening in such a way. A bowthruster can be modelled for different reasons: