Nov. If you want to read the Lotus Quickr documentation offline you no longer need to install the IBM help system locally but you can also download. Product Description. IBM Lotus Quickr is team collaboration software. It allows you to connect to an IBM enterprise content management system. Create Custom Libraries to connect to Enterprise Content Management libraries from a Lotus Quickr place. You can then create new documents, edit existing.

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Lotus Quickr automatically installs DB2 on the supported platforms shown below.

Installing and configuring IBM Lotus Quickr integration

Look to that section for specific information. Ensure the database you plan to use is supported by this version of Lotus Quickr. Feedback fdbkdb db2inst1 Used by Feedback components. Information You are currently viewing machine translated content.

When performing the installation, use a user ID that has administrator authority. It is possible, using Advanced configuration to edit documentafion page layout, to create subpages. As a result, if you click the Back button, you may see content generated from the previous user even if the previous user performed a portal logout.

Typically users and groups are allowed to modify or delete shared resources. Refer to Supported hardware and software for supported databases that are needed for Lotus Quickr.

The following table shows the default WebSphere Application Server location for profiles if it is not otherwise specified during installation. The syntax of the command is incorrect.

Remove the IPv4 configuration when the installation is complete. Valid characters include a-z, A-Z,and ‘-‘ dash’. IBM Lotus Quickr for WebSphere Portal data is organized into different database domains, with different availability requirements depending on how the production environment is set up. Click LTPA and provide values for the following fields: Store daily system and place level statistic data, such as total number of places or documents. Credential Vault The Credential Vault is a portlet service that helps portlets and users manage multiple identities.


See Portlet authentication for details on working with single sign-on. Managing users IBM February 2, The Lotus Quickr wiki, and its related publications, are accessibility-enabled. You can pre-determine the ports for the Lotus Quickr at install time or change the ports after installation. Place status that is monitored and detected by policies will help you determine the maintenance action that you need to perform.

For maintenance and staging purposes you can take a single line of production out of service while another line is still serving requests with the old data.

Installing and configuring IBM Lotus Quickr integration | Alfresco Documentation

The shortname, for example wpsadmin, should be unique for a realm over all registries. Lotus Quickr does not support subpages.

Updates of data in the shared domain are critical because they influence the other production line. The database name cannot exceed eight characters and can only contain letters and numbers. Existing 24×7 installation procedures do not apply to these environments. If the following hostname is shown, you must correct the value. Refer to the Supported hardware and software requirements. Copy the JDBC library file, ojdbc The instructions provided here for installing a Lotus Quickr follow the approach recommended by WebSphere Application Serverwhich involves using the Plug-ins installation wizard to install the binary plug-in module after the cell has been set up.

While configuring Lotus Quickr to use one database is technically possible, we strongly recommend using separate databases for scalability and performance tuning reasons. The configuration task enable-jcr-security will fail if there is a space in the LDAP user’s fully qualified distinguished name DN.

IBM Connections wiki: IBM Connections documentation: Enabling single sign-on for Lotus Quickr

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. You can transfer your data from a local DB2 database to remote DB2 database using the configuration wizard.

The target system settings must be restored, and places must be updated. Backups and archives use the same file type to socumentation a place and both are stored in the backup directory on the Lotus Quickr documentwtion. The federated repository offers you the richest amount of options to meet your business needs and to allow you to easily expand your business as your needs grow. Planning The following areas provide an overview of the database and user names used in the documentation as well as some information about each database and user you should consider in your planning.


Distinguished names must be unique for a realm over all registries. To scroll all the way up or down in a pane, press Home or End. Place managers can click Members from any page in a place to manage place members. Lotus Quickr can also be installed or uninstalled from a command line through the use of a response file.

You can only perform one uninstallation at a time. This lots is designed to help your users become productive on the new software quickly, and to provide them with links to documentation resources for further help.

To prevent this from happening, do not enable public quuckr private caching of the content. Use the wsadmin client to administer Kotus by specifying properties in a configuration file or running administrative commands.

And a user-initiated publish option helps manage server load instead of socumentation publishing drafts automatically. For more information on using a different database, refer to Planning for databases.

If you have customized the default Lotus Quickr theme on the target server, the customized theme will not migrate from the Lotus Quickr 8.

This task does not change the current security assignment; therefore, the administrative user defined during installation is still active.

Next steps You have completed this step. Internet Explorer requires additional software to perform spell checking.