The M is an ultra light howitzer designed and manufactured by BAE Systems. M is a mm 39 calibre towed gun which, through. TM &P, ACTIVE, 09/30/, Interactive electronic technical manual FIELD MAINTENANCE MANUAL FOR HOWITZER, MEDIUM, TOWED, M The M training man- ual, TM , states the MA2 howitzer, with its hydraulically operated breach and hydro-pneumatic recoil mechanism, is .

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TM 9-1025-215-10 M777 Howitzer Operator’s Manual

Towed configuration with the FMTV as the prime jowitzer. The US Army was fully briefed on the system and agreed that if the company built a prototype of the system with its own money it would carry out a complete evaluation of the system. This has a maximum range of 40 km and is accurate to 10 m. A derivative of the M49 firing mechanism is mounted to the primer feed mechanism.

Army Publishing Directorate

howitzwr Marines from the 3rd Battalion, 11th Marine Regiment stationed at Twentynine Palms, California, were the first gowitzer to receive the M Posts – 2 loner The Digital Fire Control System will be powered by a unique new design of rotary hybrid-electric engine designed and manufactured by Liquid Piston.


This was the first operational deployment of the M The howitzer can be towed by an air-braked 4×4 vehicle greater than 2. A loading tray is provided to the rear of the breech, which is opened automatically.

Jul Jul Wikimedia Commons has media related to M howitzer. Accessed 27 March Berserk Robot, Unmanned Vehicle.

M howitzer – Wikipedia

The first deliveries of MA2 began in late The MA2 also has a hard wired fuze setter which is located near the assistant gunner’s position and used to programme the Excalibur fuze prior to loading. Both were completed m77 late Army engineers work to create a new longer M mm howitzer under the name MER. Ym marked the longest operational shot in the history of the M howitzer, and the longest operational artillery shot in history for m7777 Marine Corps.

Retrieved 12 September The US then had a competition which involved extensive tests with the mm Lightweight Howitzer and the Light Towed Howitzer developed at the then Royal Ordnance facility at Nottingham. It can be internally transported in a number of transport aircraft including the C, C, C-5 and C Transall.

The carriage comprises two sub-assemblies, the howitzet and the saddle. Retrieved from ” https: Archived from the original on 22 June Retrieved 9 March In other projects Wikimedia Commons. BAE Systems Land Systems is considering future options, which could include a flick rammer, but the aim for the present is to keep the weapon as simple as possible.


The M weighs 9, pounds [ Views Read Edit View history. QN Fire support vehicle.

M777 howitzer

Retrieved 27 January Posts – 8 joshtcohen It made its combat debut in the War in Afghanistan. The M uses a digital fire-control system similar to that found on self-propelled howitzers such as the MA6 Paladin to provide navigation, pointing and self-location, allowing it to be put into action quickly.

M in Logar ProvinceAfghanistan. The M has a production weight of 3,kg and can be transported by helicopter, transporter aircraft and ship. Turangga Wheeled armoured personnel carrier. No Tanks No Thanks: Retrieved 5 May Archived from the original on 3 August Retrieved 11 October More Foxhound vehicles for British Army Home Articles products companies countries howigzer museum contracts Denial of Guarantees and Rights Contact Russian.